60 Helpful Money Saving Wedding Tips

6. Choose a Signature Drink

Instead of an open bar, opting to serve a signature cocktail or two can save thousands of pounds and also add a personal touch plus it's a great excuse for you and your sweetie to play mixologist at home to test your cocktail recipes.
7. Forego Tradition

Consider a bed and breakfast, a public park or an art gallery for your reception. Danielle Farrell of Betty Bride, used a centre in her hometown for her wedding, which included an outdoor park area and banquet centre for a fraction of what it would have cost at a hotel.
8. Scope Out The Furnishings

When viewing venues, take note of their furniture and tabletop styles, reminded event planner Sacha Patires. If the venue matches your personal style, you could save a bundle that you would have otherwise spent on rentals.
9. Bring the Party to You

The Wedding Wagon in Bristol will come to you. All you need is £80 to seal the deal with a witness and photos. If there’s a similar service near you, a unique package could solve most of your planning problems before they even crop up.
10. Double-Check the Package Deal

Most venues offer nicer’ things at a mark-up that you will get cheaper from the vendors. Bride Breanne W. said that when she considered a package from the venue for her London wedding, she saved £150 on her cake by doing so.

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