60 Helpful Money Saving Wedding Tips

11. Ask for Referrals

Got a recommendation from a friend? Maybe they had a great experience with a vendor and you’re excited to consider that florist or baker as well. When you contact a vendor, make sure to mention the friend who referred you. There may be a referral discount (or a bonus for your friend!).
14. Multitask

“Use vendors that do more than one thing,” said wedding planner McNall. Think about a florist who also rents linens, or a wedding planner who offers decor installation. “You’ll save on the ‘get me through the door’ fee that you have to pay each individual vendor you use.”

12. Have a Planner Help You Save

Wedding planners know how to work with budgets of all sizes, and will go to bat for you over contracts and negotiations. Not sure if you can afford a planner for the entire planning process? Many offer supplemental help by the hour or day — just get in touch with them to ask!

13. Ask for Help

If you’re getting married at a church where you’re a member, call on it's social groups.
15. Ask About Sponsorship

Yes, I’m serious. Ask your vendors if you can advertise their services at your celebration in exchange for a reduced rate. Writer Hamm explained how to do it: Simply put a card at each place setting that lists the businesses that helped pull off your big day. Don’t forget their contact information!

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