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In additon to a Fine/ Penalty has been awarded by the Courts to Alexander-Haigh – if the awarded fine is not paid within a 4 week period – 10% interest of the total fine will be daily added until the fine is paid off in full – to include also the total amount of added Fines / Penalties

No responsibility will be accepted, for any loss of revenue, damage, loss of business, time etc., will be accepted if any of the companies websites goes temporarily off-line.

“This site” – is run on a non – confidential basis – and shall also be free to use any information given, on a basis which “The Company” feels is relevant. All on “this sites” and third party information is provided as is.

On “this site”, there is nothing that shall be construed as conferring any license under- in anyway of , or any third party’s intelligent property rights, be it estoppel, otherwise or by implication.

“This site” will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions which may be contained on this web site, plus reserves the right to make any necessary changes without prior notice or permission.

This entire site, cannot be copied, downloaded or duplicated in anyway to include all Landing / Home pages, codes, passwords and contents etc.. No unauthorized Pop-ups, Banners, Links, Tags, plus any other form of unauthorized advertising and promotions is not permitted on this site. Also no additions, links, tags etc., are permitted to be added or attached on any of the Search Engine Results page(s) for ALL the companies’ websites which have been previously named / described.

No copies or imitations are permitted for any and ALL of the before mentioned companies websites.

This is a very public site – users are advised not to place any personal information unto all our companies websites. We, as a company, oversees and vets, as many entries and inputs placed unto all our websites as possible to do, but we are unable to guarantee and vet all and every input and entry submitted – for this reason we cannot accept any responsibility, in the case of any damage or loss etc., that may occur.

Strictly, no obscene, indecent, fraudulent, offensive, immoral, or illegal, corruptible, riotous material and or literature will be permitted to appear on all the companies website.

All our companies “website” is strictly not to be used as a website for any form of “dating purposes”. disclaims any warranties and guarantees, with regard to the information and software provided, to include the implied warranties of business services and suitability ad fitness for any particular purpose to include non-infringement

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