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You are not allowed to reverse engineer or decompile any parts of our website. Neither aggregate copy or duplicate in any way any of the content and information which is available from our jobs website, this also includes any expired job postings or take any type of action that overloads this website infrastructure and workings.

If you are under the age of 18 years of age – make certain you are being supervised by responsible adult.

Place any content or material or information that promote or approves false, sexual contents, sexual aids etc., misleading information, illegal activities or provide instructional information about illegally activities or other activities not permitted in these Terms and Conditions.

It is strongly advised that you only share your login details and password with a trust -worthy and authorized contact(s).

Neither are you permitted to attempt to / or break the security of our web site- to include attempting to probe scan or test the weakness of the systems or network, to break security or all / any of our authentication measures that have been into place.

It is not permitted to create any TCP / IP packet header or any types of header (s) information in any e-mail or newsgroup posting.

It is also not permitted to post or submit on this website any incomplete false or inaccurate information about yourself / your business. Or place information which is not your own or make or use false identities or accounts when using any parts of this website services. You may not use any device to navigate or search the site other than the tools available on the site – you cannot use any data mining robots or similar data gathering or extraction methods.

Send destroy, distribute, store or post any information to or on the site, that breaks our companys’ privacy policy, frame or link any content information available from this site. You are not permitted to post content that contains limited or password – only access pages or hidden pages or images.

If you are placing a job outside the UK, the job vacancy must meet the relevant legislation of the country hosting the jobs vacancies.

You must not try to damage any hardware, or software we have on our websites – by yours or other peoples / companys’ – or try interfere with any of the services or links – that we have in place our website – this is to include sending viruses or other malicious software which is likely to try and corrupt or damage this website, with overloading, flooding, spamming, place illicit banners or links , mail bombing and crashing.

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