60 Helpful Money Saving Wedding Tips

1. Remember, Diamonds are Forever

Popping the question? Spring for a high-quality diamond.

“The centre diamond is the most valuable part of the ring,” Jayme Wixon , wedding planner explained. “You can always remount the diamond into another mounting in the future.”
2. Ditch the Diamonds

Diamonds not your style? Fret not. You are free to profess your love by displaying a stone of your choice, whether it be pearl or peridot.

If you need a little non-traditional inspiration, check out Etsy’s wedding categories. You may find handmade jewellery you love for a price that’s perfect.
3. Fake It With Flair

This tip takes mutual agreement, but it can help you save big on an engagement ring or wedding bands. Ask to take a look at a Jewellers faux offerings, recommended Melissa Massello of Shoestring Magazine. “Many expensive looking rings are made with a decidedly more affordable diamond imposters, like cubic zirconia and moissanite,” she wrote, “The latter of which is a great diamond look for a lot less.”
4. Choose an Aflernoon Delight

“Time your wedding away from a full meal if you want to save on catering costs,” recommended April Masini of AskApril.com. Her top pick: A 2p.m champagne and cake reception.
5. Pick a Festive Time

Get married during the holidays — your friends and family will already be home! “Most venues are beautifully decorated, and you’ll have to put less money into making the place look spectacular,” said wedding planner Amy McNall of London. One small warning: some venues charge a premium for booking during the high Christmas-party season, so make sure to ask around.

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